I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about deeply appreciating your beginnings that feel so satisfying. Maybe it’s just the thought that we’ve come so far that’s positively overwhelming–or more so the customers we’ve met along the way that have brought happiness and jobs to our team here at the store.

Whatever it is, today we’re grateful to acknowledge our humble beginnings.

As installers for over 20 years, both Jeff and I saw we had a real opportunity to open up our own shop. We both knew we were capable of more, but honestly it’s downright frightening starting something new (as I’m sure you can relate to).

But we’re firm believers that God open a door for us to do so, and we moved forward.

And even still, the unknown can be scary–right?

With the help of my wife, my partner Jeff and our amazing team here at the store we’ve continued to charge onward.

With a staff of 10 and a team of 30 installers it is extremely satisfying to know Chillicothe Carpet is a part of bringing jobs and increase to our city. The challenge to keep growing has always been worth the reward of knowing your purchase & support of a local business directly affects the lives our team. How amazing!

And we’ve been fortunate enough to support local charities like Seeds Of Hope, whose mission is to provide long-term housing for families while they stay in a transition home to get immediate support right away.

But the reason why our store is successful, and will continue to be is because it’s all about people. It really is about you. We simply decided from the very beginning that we’d treat our customers with respect, we don’t sell you–we just show your options. Because honestly no one, including us, likes the pressure of a sale.

Whether you’re shopping on price or simply want the top of the line products you’re going to get the same treatment by our team. Because when you’re satisfied with your experience, we like to think you’ll let you friends know. That’s good business. That’s honest business. And that’s the service you should expect to have when you shop with us.

Beginnings are important. It’s a time to be inspired by what’s possible, and to work hard at what you’d like to achieve. And reflection is even better because you have a moment to be grateful for what that humble beginning taught you.