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Installations by Chillicothe Carpet

If you want your flooring to look as good in your home as it does in the showroom, the secret is a professional installation. Chillicothe Carpet flooring installers are trained and licensed where necessary. Our installers take the guesswork out of a beautiful floor; we warranty their work for the life of the floor.

Replacing flooring is a significant upgrade for your home that will add to its value. In fact, a professional installation meets manufacturers’ warranty and guarantee requirements.

Chillicothe Carpet’s service area includes Ross, Pickaway, Pike, Vinton, and Jackson counties.

Before the installation

Here are some points to prepare for a successful installation:
  • Arrange your schedule to be in site during the installation –questions may arise that need your immediate input
  • In the name of safety, make sure children and pets keep away from the installation
  • Remove furniture and appliances from the installation area; remember that natural or propane gas appliance need to be disconnected and reconnected professionally
  • Remove and dispose of old flooring
  • Clear an area close to the installation as a work area
  • Power, lighting, and access to water will be needed
  • The temperature should be above 65 degrees
  • Hardwood flooring needs to acclimate to your home before installation; manufacturers specify the exact time and conditions that are needed
  • If you live in a gated or secure community, arrange for the vehicles and crews for delivery and installation to have access
Installation in Chillicothe, OH area from Chillicothe Carpet

On installation day

The installation crew will arrive on time, ready to start. While the workers are preparing to start, the supervisor will examine the flooring to make sure there are no flaws or damage.

When the installation is completed, we ask that you walk through for approval. If you find any adjustments to be made, they will be done immediately. Chillicothe Carpets considers your installation finished only when you are completely satisfied.