It’s officially just one month until summer lands on your doorstep (hooray!) and with the warmer weather and longer days arrives the chance to get your house ready for summer entertaining. How? By transforming small outdoor spaces that won’t cost a small fortune.

Not only can you bring some inside comfort outdoors and add considerable value to your home, transforming the following top four small spaces with these simple ideas will create more spaces in your home that you’ll actually want to hang out in.

1. Porches

Make your porch a cozy destination instead of an outdoor wasteland with new rugs, flooring everyone will think is real wood, by adding a porch swing, a cute rocking chair with a comfy pillow, some big, bright pot plants, ambient lighting, or some lightweight wicker furniture.

2. Enclosed Patios

Make your patio an inspiring vantage point
to enjoy the summer breeze and watch the world go by. Turn your enclosed patio into a private outdoor oasis with updated flooring, container gardens, a pretty pot of flowers, a coffee table with your favorite magazines, large, fragrant candles or neutral-colored lamp-shades.

3. Exposed Patios

A patio can be a hot slab of concrete baking in the sun, or it can be a welcoming extension of your home. Hit refresh on tired, outdoor furnishings like cushions and upholstery, add a hanging, weather-resistant swing chair, some pretty string lighting, or enjoy some new,waterproof flooring so the weather can’t stand against you.

4. Sunrooms

Sit down and read the paper, your favorite book or magazine, or play board games with the kids and make the sun jealous of your cozy nook! Cover the floor in a modern floor rug, dress things up with new shades or blinds, install some wall lights, or add a touch of greenery.

Whether you update small features of your outdoor spaces or go for a full-blown renovation, transforming your outdoor areas from abandoned-looking to injecting them with a warm-weather refresh is always going to add value.

So, no matter how small, don’t let your outdoor spaces go to waste—steal a few of these summery ideas, pop into the store after work for some inspiration, and transform your little slice of nature into an entertainer’s haven.