Is good customer service a dying art form?

It’s not that hard: Serve customers well, and they’ll come back. Serve them poorly, and they’ll go elsewhere.

A friend of mine recently told me about an experience he had at a big box hardware store that made me cringe.

He said he went there to get a door hinge for his bathroom renovation.

After arriving at the front counter, he was sent on a mile hike (Ok, it probably wasn’t that long, but it felt like a journey into the wilderness nonetheless!) to the relevant department on the other side of the store, only to be greeted by a ticket machine.

He took his ticket and waited (as the ‘friendly’ sign told him to do). Finally, someone came, made zero eye contact with him, clearly less-than-enthused about his job and my friend’s “inconvenient” request, grunted something indecipherable and went off to find what my friend wanted!

The fundamental rule of business is to be of SERVICE, a rule which many big businesses are breaking every day.

Customer Service is About Serving (Duh!)

Customer service is a dying art form in many places that we believe small businesses can save.

Because when you’re small, and you focus ONLY on what you do best (like flooring), it’s much easier to give people the time of day, to understand what they want (or see that they need your help to work that out), give personalized advice, and follow up afterwards to make sure everything was ok.

A machine can’t do that. An annoyed, overstretched employee can’t do that. And a big box hardware store selling a million different things can’t do that.

The Chillicothe Carpet Installation Experience

We aim to serve all our customers with pride.

We’re a small business in a small town, and all we do is flooring. For us, flooring is the holy grail (okay, maybe a little less serious but it’s definitely our grand eschalon!).

So, what kind of experience can you expect when you purchase new flooring with us? Our flooring installation process is just one way we “walk the talk” when it comes to serving customers that makes them feel cared about:

Our Flooring Installation Process:

1. We’ll measure for free.

We’ve offered free measurements forever, and have no plans of ever changing that! Purchasing new flooring for your home is exciting, but it can be a big expense. With more than 25 years experience we are professionals at accurate measurement to make sure you don’t end up paying for more carpet or flooring than you need.

2. There’s no pressure to buy after you receive your quote (literally)

Nobody likes that awkward feeling of the “sales” conversation. We don’t enjoy that, and we’re sure you don’t either. Once you receive your quote, the ball’s in your court, and while we’ll be ready to go once you give us the nod, we don’t hassle our customers when you’re trying to make an important decision like choosing a flooring installation team.

3. When you’re ready, we’ll move your furniture for you. (Yes, there is a fee because we like to pay our guys).

We can do all the heavy lifting for you. You have enough to think about without the added stress (both physical and mental!) of moving all your large and small items out of the way. Like most flooring stores we do charge a fee, but we really think this is worth it to take the hassle out of getting fresh floors.

4. We install to perfection (and it doesn’t matter how much you spent)

We are not flooring “sales people,” we are flooring professionals. Whether it’s a spare bedroom or family-centered living room, our 25 years of experience means we aim to install to perfection. It doesn’t matter how much you spend either; we don’t rush through one job to get to the next one, we take time and care to do a great job for you and your home.

5. Your feet have a dance party on your new floor!

Because...why not?! Your home now feels more like home, and that’s worthy of a dance party in our opinion! Grown-up feet, tiny feet, and furry feet are gonna LOVE you for this!

6. PS – If we didn’t do something right, we’ll say OK, and fix it (without charging you)!

The guiding principle of our business has been simple and followed from the day we opened our doors–we do what is right for YOU. Many businesses wipe their hands of their customers once the job is done (whether it’s done well or not!), and that simply goes against our values. We’re all ears to hear if there’s something that needs fixing (but we’re always shooting for #4 above!).

So while some people will say “small town, small minds” we prefer to say “small town, small business, big heart.”

Our installation process is just one way that we like to live the values and principles of our business. Because the customer has a right to feel served and cared for, no matter what the situation. And if you experience anything less than that, then we encourage you to vote with your feet and your hard-earned dollars.

You deserve to have a great customer service experience EVERY time. After all, people don’t remember what you say or do; they remember how you made them feel. And we choose to make our customers feel good :)