There is something particularly gut-wrenching when you put your all into installing a carefully chosen, DIY-friendly flooring like laminate, only to have some kind of unexpected flooding event (like a leaky sink) that leaves your handiwork irreparable.

It makes perfect sense why laminate flooring is a great option: budget-friendly, resembles wood, durable…but none of that matters when your dishwasher overflows and you're left with a flooring that is now buckled and swollen!

The fact is, laminate and water just don’t mix. It’s a kitchen nightmare!

Due to its large quantity of wood content, laminate is less than ideal for environments with high moisture, such as your bathroom or basement, but even low moisture rooms like the kitchen, especially in front and under the dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator, can also be problematic.

Waterproof vinyl flooring, on the other hand, can literally be submerged in water for days (although ideally your leaky sink wouldn’t be left to leak for days!) with no ill effect. It has superior resistance to moisture and that’s exactly why we are now offering waterproof flooring that’s vinyl all the way through (no wood in it AT ALL). So it’s literally waterproof and it looks just like wood!

In fact, it’s been manufactured to mimic wood so no more ugly tiles as your only option. Now it is produced in planks, making it a great looking and reasonably priced option without you having to be on moisture or damp watch!

Your Next Floor Worth Saving For

As far as we’re concerned, every flooring decision should be made with quality and long-term use in mind and the only certainty about life is that there is no certainty! We simply never know what kinds of mishaps could happen in (or to) our homes, making waterproof flooring a really smart option.

Of course you could also look at flooring combinations, for example, installing laminate flooring in areas that are low-moisture zones and waterproof other high-moisture zones. But for simplicity sake and especially if you are at the beginning of the journey to either install, replace or remodel your flooring, then vinyl is the closest non-laminate cousin of laminate and gives you that extra peace of mind.

It also means you can experience the look and feel of hardwood without the price and it’s equally easy for DIYers to install.

One Word: Dogs

Aside from the obvious benefits of waterproofing your flooring, vinyl flooring is actually a very pet friendly flooring choice too! It's scratch and stain resistant, low in allergens, easy to clean and maintain, and even quiet to walk on. Hardwood, while one of the most desireable flooring options, unfortunately easily stains, absorbs odors, sucks up moisture and scratches (which can be devastating given it’s cost!).

Laminate, while a better choice than hardwood as it won’t show scratches as easily, can cause pets to slip and slide around (especially dogs with their lovely nails), making it a hazard for your pets to walk or run through your home. Let's face it: nobody needs an ice skating dog!

Don’t Wake The Baby

Quality vinyl flooring that is padded with foam and has a cushioned, flexible surface, also makes it a really good choice if you want to account for sound reduction. But as with any flooring choice, you get what you pay for and quality flooring starts with the quality of the padding that supports your flooring. So the better the quality underneath, the greater likelihood your flooring won’t wake the baby and this is especially the case with vinyl, which is much quieter underfoot than laminate or wood.

Easy to Clean

Vinyl flooring is a great option for those who prefer to keep the time they spend cleaning and maintaining their flooring to a minimum (ahhhh...pretty sure that’s most of us!). Because of its waterproof properties, it doesn’t easily absorb spills in the first place and so keeping it clean is as simply as a general vacuum, sweep or mop as part of your general house tidy to remove dust and loose debris.


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At the end of the day, we want to make sure you have ALL the options to hand so you can make the best flooring decision for you, whether that's hardwood, laminate, waterproof vinyl, or another option altogether.

Which is why we are excited we can now offer you hard surfaced flooring that looks just like hardwood, without ever having to worry about water damage. Because it's not so much about selling you more or different stuff, but about making sure you can make the best flooring decision possible: a decision that is fit for purpose, durable, quality and stands the test of time.

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