“We strive to do our very best on every job, and if we dont well fix it.- Jon
Why do you love shopping at some places, and hate shopping at others?

Because of how they treat you. Its all about the experience. The reason I want to have a good business isn’t so I can turn every person I know into my customer. It is because my community deserves to have an honest place to shop. We want our customers to love the products they pay for with their hard earned money. Too often businesses miss this simple truth. They fail to realize that making more money does not make you successful; having more happy customers makes you successful.

I believe that when you are quantity driven, you begin to lose quality. Sometimes, it pays to invest now so you don’t have to later; other times, less really is more. When you purchase the wrong product or simply have too much going on, it can be overwhelming and the original purpose of your company, purchase, experience—or whatever you’re doing—can get lost. This can happen with almost anything in life.

A few years ago, my family and I were fortunate enough to be able to take a Mediterranean cruise. We had always dreamed of someday being able to visit European countries, so when it became a reality we were more than excited.

While we are still grateful to this day that we were able to visit countries such as Italy, Greece, France and Turkey, we all agree that the trip simply felt rushed. Each day we visited a different country—and each day we had less than eight hours to explore. Our one wish during this trip of a lifetime was that we could have more time in each country to really get a feel for the culture and take our time sight seeing. (We all know ‘Rome’ wasn’t built in a day,’ but my family and I also learned that you can’t really experience Rome in a day.)

It was challenging to slow down and really get the full experience of each destination with limited time and the knowledge that the next day we would be in an entirely different country. We even thought that visiting less countries and having more time at each destination would have been best. That way, it could have felt more like we were experiencing the whole pie, so to speak, rather than just bits and pieces scattered here and there.

What I’ve noticed over and over again is that quality trumps quantity almost all of the time. Whether you’re trying to cram several international destinations into a limited amount of time or you’re paying too little for a product with a shorter life span than you need, you learn this lesson fairly quickly. Here at Chillicothe Carpet, I want to make sure that we always have a quality over quantity attitude when it comes to helping our customers find the right floor.

This is the same approach that you as a consumer should take when it comes to shopping for flooring. In today’s society, we buy stuff based on price; not always value. This is a mindset that can get us into trouble whenever we’re investing in a new flooring project for the next decade or longer. Sometimes, it literally does pay to invest in a better pad, laminate, vinyl or carpet simply for the sake of longevity. Other times, if the foot traffic in a room is light, it actually pays to downgrade a level or so on the flooring itself, but upgrade a level or so to a better padding.

Going cheap on your padding is one of the first mistakes flooring customers make and it’s one of the main things you don’t want to do, simply because the padding is what supports your flooring. As with anything in life, it pays to invest now, to avoid a mess later.

We take the quality over quantity concept seriously here at Chillicothe Carpet, because time and time again we’ve seen that you certainly do get what you pay for. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what you’re paying, and to base your flooring purchase on your specific needs. That’s also why we work hard to problem-solve and help you repair any damages you floors may encounter throughout the years.

We know that the quality of a product—and doing all we can to ensure that quality for you—is what really matters at the end of the day.

Obtaining the highest quality possible in installation, products and customer service is our priority here—and we refuse to provide you with anything less.