During this time of year, the home really is where the heart is. With family get-togethers at an all-time high, we think you should be able to keep the holiday magic going with quality comfort underfoot that'll host many more holiday gatherings to come! While we believe there’s a perfect flooring choice for every family and lifestyle, here are three types of flooring that we believe will bring the holiday cheer for years to come:

1. Carpet: The King of Comfort

We’ve always had a soft spot for carpet—it’s such a timeless choice that never goes out of style. Let’s face it: carpet is the king of comfort and warmth and new technology means in-built stain protection. It’s also a great choice if you have kids: it’ll cushion any of their falls and reduce room-to-room noise. Plus, your holiday guests (and guests at any time of year!) will love sinking their toes into the plush warmth while they enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

2. Hardwood: Strong, Durable & Ageless

Hardwood is seriously versatile and worth the price-tag. No matter the trends and decorating styles to come, hardwood will hold its own and its natural texture will match in perfectly. Hardwood flooring also creates a warm atmosphere and it retains heat beautifully in cold climates. This is definitely a regret-free choice that can be ideal for all areas in family homes, is sound-proof, and easy to care for.

3. Luxury Vinyl: Looks Like the Real Deal

One of the main things that draw people to luxury vinyl in the first place, is its amazing ability to mimic such natural resources as solid hardwood, granite, marble, slate, and tile (just to name a few!). Not only does it have amazing styles and designs to choose from, but its durability and lifespan are excellent as well. It works just as well in the busiest of homes, as it does for the single homeowner who only entertains a few times a year.

Whatever you choose, the best place to start when choosing flooring for your home is to speak with a professional–this will ensure you get the right information for your home, budget, and lifestyle. It’s a big decision and you should be allowed to take your time in a no-pressure environment. That’s our promise to you: we’ll give you all the information and time you need to make the best flooring choice for you.