Get ready! There’s a rush of gold coming our way.

Why? Because the color of 2018 is GOLD!

With an overuse of silver and brass over the past decade, gold has rushed its way back into every style of design possible.

But don’t worry, putting bright shining gold floors isn’t at all the intention behind this color selection.

It’s not about ripping up your floors and starting over to stay in with the cool kids (Phew! Way too expensive!)

It’s about asking yourself:

  • How can I use this latest trend for inspiration?
  • How can I keep up with trends in creative ways?
  • What fresh ideas can I take from them for my existing spaces?

Because trends are just that-trends. They come and go.

For instance, last year the color of the year was lush green. And installing some super fancy shade of green in your suburban home in southern Ohio probably isn’t going to have the same impact as an ocean-side condo on the cliffs of L.A.

So keep in mind that geographics play a role in what’s going to go well in your home.

How to Embrace the Gold Glimmer

Gold has a way of bringing in a warmth that no other color can touch. It’s a color that can easily be the focal point or used to accentuate the overall design.

Plus, gold has an everlasting elegance that is sophisticated and can be introduced to most homes without looking over the top.

So how does flooring come into play?

  • If you ARE looking to put down new carpet or floors:

    • Look for a cool tone flooring to contrast with gold accented kitchen knobs, lamps, pillows or artwork.
    • Alternatively, seek out some warmly toned carpet with specks of gold placed ever so subtly within it to make your room feel complete.

What if you’re not updating your flooring but want to stay on trend?

  • If you’re NOT looking to upgrade your flooring just yet you can:

    • Add gold accents to any room - kitchen, bathroom, living room, kitchen, you name it!
    • Refresh a room in your home and create a whole new look even in the smallest of ways, like grout in your backsplash.
    • Seek out those gold accented kitchen knobs, lamps, pillows or artwork.

You can go for gold in a way that is ultra luxurious and glamorous or you can shoot for a relaxed and more natural feel depending on your personal style and preferences.

Shop the 2018 Gold Rush Pinterest board to see how to achieve various looks in your own home!

Reflect Your Inner Gold

But no matter what you decide when it comes to this year’s trend, we always encourage our customers to purchase pieces that won’t just go with what’s hot in any given calendar year, but rather something that allows you to swap out semi-permanent fixtures or accessories.

Freshen things up rather than getting overwhelmed with a total overhaul.

Because the ultimate goal is to create vibes that have the heart of YOUR home beating loudly in every room.