Today, our choices in carpeting just keep growing! It’s no longer just nylons, cotton, wools and olefins, now carpets made from post consumer waste like recycled plastic bottles, and renewably sourced, corn-based polymer that’s easy to grow, blends of fibers like nylon and wool or wool and silk are taking their place in our world.

One of the newest carpet fashions is constructed with polyester fibers, these fibers are solution dyed. What does solution dyed mean? It means the color goes all the way through the carpet, which helps eliminate fading from exposure to the sun overtime and is extremely resistant to harsh chemicals -- even bleach!

Dream Weaver Carpets are some of the softest yet toughest carpets made, featuring advanced technologies like PureColor with SoilShield. Let’s face it…no carpet is stain proof, but they can be very stain resistant.

Here’s how it works:

Dream Weaver Carpets made by Engineered Floors has the exclusive on PureColor Fiber that is used on every Dream Weaver PureSoft Cashmere carpet. PureColor is the absolute ultimate when it comes to solution dyed fibers.

Dream Weaver PureSoft Cashmere carpet will not dull, because the SoilShield technology blocks dirt and soil from adhering to the carpet fibers. In fact, it designed for families with buys lifestyles.

PureSoft™ Cashmere carpet from Dream Weaver transforms any room into a sanctuary of softness and luxury.

Getting back to Nature

Don’t forget, things found in nature are not solid colors… they are tones of colors blended together. Tonal Solids from Dreamweaver is a combination of blending pre-colored PureColor™ and PureColor™ Cashmere solution dyed carpet fibers, in an array of combinations to create unique looks from nature.

Tonal solids get their idea from the look the natural blending of colors found in that of granite countertops. Soft and elegant, yet hardworking and tough… what more could you want from a carpet?