Being a good friend takes work, and so does being an honorable business. We treat customers like we would a friend not because it’ll be good publicity, or because it’s profitable—we treat you like a friend because it’s the right thing to do.

Before we dive into what that means when you step into our store, firstly let’s cover off on what kind of friend we are NOT:

1. That friend who only comes by when they want something—like when they need to borrow your trailer or want you to help them move.

In business, it’s like the help and service you get only when it looks like you might buy something or spend a lot of money.

2. The one that ignores you for weeks on end or only replies to your messages when it’s convenient for them.

In business, it’s like the “barely-there” customer service that makes you take a ticket and wait for someone to serve you (ever done that?). And then when they finally arrive it feels like a total inconvenience to them.

3. That friend who, every time you make plans, inevitably bails out on you at the last minute.

In business, it’s like agreeing to show up to your house to do work only to cancel or be late for the job without the courtesy of a phone call. Or like someone promising to follow-up with more information and advice via a phone call, but never getting the call.

OK, So What Does “We’ll treat you like a friend” Mean, Exactly?

How would you want your friends to feel after you've spent time with them? You probably want them to feel you're easy to be around, that you listen to them, and that you care. That’s what we strive for too—here are some of the main ways we like to treat our customers like friends:

1. Good friends are people you genuinely enjoy spending time with.

At Chillicothe Carpet, because we’re flooring professionals (not flooring salespeople) we LOVE what we do. And because of that, we LOVE spending time with you talking about what we know and listening to what you need (regardless of whether you decide to buy from us or not).

2. When you truly care about your friends, you check in with them with no ulterior motive—you just want to know they are doing well.

At Chillicothe Carpet, we never use hard-sell tactics—it just feels wrong. We always greet you at the store, ask if we can help, and listen to what you say. What matters most to us is that you feel heard and leave with whatever advice you needed. Whether you buy something or not is irrelevant.

3. When the chips are down, who doesn’t turn to a close friend for support?

At Chillicothe Carpet, that means we take the time to ask our customers for their feedback—finding out how we’re doing is more than just friendly, it’s practical and means we can do better next time. We know we won’t always get it right, but we can always fix what isn’t.

Often the pressures of running a business can cause people to care more about the final sale than being helpful to their customers. This is NOT treating customers like a friend, this is treating customers like a commodity and we are not OK with that way of operating (and we never will be).

Good friends that are trustworthy, caring, and honorable are hard to come but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Every day we are doing our utmost to embody the qualities like that of a close friend—it’s not just good for business, it means we can go to bed at night with peace in our hearts knowing we that we did our very best.