I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

It’s one of the most humbling things we hear.

After all, there are plenty of other flooring options out there.

But one of the greatest lessons we’ve learned over the past ten years in business is that it’s not about how good our specials are, or how many sales we make...

  • What matters is how we make people feel, both our customers and our team members.
  • What matters is the type of experience our customers and employees have with us.
  • What matters is that integrity, pride, and service never goes out of fashion when you contact us.

Because if we don’t get those things right, if it’s not sincerely at the heart of what we do, the great specials won’t matter a dime anyway!

But it got us thinking: Why are people saying that? Why wouldn’t they go somewhere else?

So we asked them!

We sifted through all the customer stories, reviews, and feedback and found three main reasons that keep our customers coming back.

We share these with you not to gloat, but because we believe customer service should be at the heart of ALL businesses and that is clearly not the case for many. By sharing what’s working for us, we hope to inspire more businesses to increase their care factor for how people feel, rather than chasing the sale.

3 Reasons Our Customers Won’t Go Anywhere Else

1. Attention to Detail

We listen, and we believe that’s everything.

They say you need to listen twice as much as you talk. Really listening to the customer’s needs is a balance, because some people need more in terms of suggestions on what to buy, and others already know exactly what they want.

But the needs of our customers are always present and front of mind. We’re more concerned about doing the job right than making a larger sale.

“Chillicothe Carpet was by far the best experience I encountered while shopping for this project. Jeff was great! I learned more from him in one visit than I had from three other carpet stores in a time frame of 6 months! He was more than willing to work with me to find quality products that fit within my budget.” - Terri Capello

2. Friendliness

By not having pressure to “make the sale,” it means we don’t really push anything.

If you don’t want to buy you really don’t have to.

We treat our customers the same way whether they’re buying a $5 sample or a $5,000 job.

“I love Chillicothe Carpet! Jon, Bill and the rest of the guys there are always so helpful and make purchasing flooring a simple task and explain in simple terms. I come all the way from Michigan to Chillicothe just to purchase from them because of the professionalism, honesty, and courtesy. I would recommend them over anywhere else for purchasing and installation. Thanks for making my house beautiful!” - Tanya Norris

3. Available

When you walk into our store, someone is right there ready to talk to you. You’re not required to push a button, wait for someone to be paged through a pre-recorded intercom, and finally, they appear ready to deal with your request.

And we’re not vultures! My wife always keeps me reminded of how stores can make their customers feel like game swooping in as soon as they walk in, ready to upsell them on everything.

We really aren’t interested in that type of approach. It’s uncomfortable for you, and it’s uncomfortable for us!

“As someone with a modest budget when finding the perfect floor for my new home, I was very anxious. Everyone in the store was more than kind and helpful as they talked to me and showed me various products. They also made sure I understood what I was purchasing, whether it be a type of padding, or the quality of carpets and vinyl planks. I was very appreciative that they were willing to take their time with me as a customer.” - Deanne Davis

Imagine what life would be like if every store you went into cared about your experience more than they cared about the sale?

More than any other skill or attitude, this is what keeps people coming back.

And we believe these don’t just apply in business. They apply to life in general.

Because we think a little more attentiveness, friendliness, and being available would go a long way in making a better world for us all.

And finally, a huge thank you to all of our wonderful customers for taking the time to share with us your experience and kind words.

You give us that extra push to keep on caring and serving everyone who sets foot in our store with pride.