We know what you’re thinking: How on earth could a 1-star review be helpful? It’s a fair question. Most businesses will do anything to get good reviews and to avoid, cover up, ignore or even discredit the bad ones. 

But life isn’t perfect, and sometimes things happen that aren’t ideal or someone has an experience they’re not happy with. That’s what happened to us a few years ago, but while disappointing, what really matters is how you handle the situation. Here’s our story:

What Happened:

A few years back on a home installation job for new carpet, there were some issues that ended up in our installer leaving the job, not telling us, and never calling the customer back. Yeah–we know.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service so when things like this happen, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Our intention is to always do a great job, be friendly, available, and provide excellent attention to detail. But in this instance, our intention was far from fulfilled.

How We Fixed It:

Well, after we found out about it on Facebook (in a random comment thread), we decided on a plan of action to remedy the situation. Not so that we could avoid embarrassment or looking bad, but so that we could find the best outcome for the customer.

First–we admitted our wrong. We didn’t try to cover it up, make excuses or blame the customer. Second–we refunded the job in full and offered to do it for free as a solution to fix it. The customer didn’t want to move forward, so we parted ways. Finally–we had an internal team meeting to figure out what went wrong, the key lessons we could take forward into our business, and how to make sure this never happened again (and it hasn’t). 

Moral of the Story:

We’ve adopted a philosophy, core value–whatever you want to call it–that we would always handle any 1-star reviews with integrity, do what was right, and fix it for the future. That exact philosophy has been a big part of the reason why our store has an average rating of 5-star reviews.

We know we won’t always get it right for our customers, but we do know we’ll always fix what isn’t. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and that’s not just reserved for when everything’s peachy. At the end of the day, if you step foot inside our store, we want you to know that you can count on us to be transparent and honest, no matter what happens along the way. We’re not in the business of protecting our own interests over doing what’s right, we’re in the business of running a company we (and our families) can be proud of, and that walks the talk of serving our customers with genuine care, and, ultimately, helping you make your home feel more like home.