Your outside patio called us.

Because it’s been feeling a little left out.

After all, the inside (so toasty!) has had a lot of your attention lately and rightly so. This past winter has been COLD!

Your patio has seen a lot of foot traffic pass it by over the months, and it would be the first to admit, it’s not the most enticing space to pause and enjoy!

But the weather’s (finally!) starting to warm up and it thinks it could be time to peel off the layers and bring the inside out.

But don’t worry, it’s not thinking anything too elaborate...just a nice, warm, welcoming space to entertain your friends and family. Or maybe just somewhere for you to sit down and read the paper, your favorite book or magazine, or just to watch the world go by.

It’s not picky, but it would like a little gentle makeover ;)

Bring the Inside Out

We all have those parts of our homes that just aren’t used. We walk by them, wishing there was something extra we could do to make them more usable or appealing but where to start?! And surely it’s going to cost!

So we keep walking and put it on our mental “one-day” list.

And it’s not just outdoor patios. It’s also areas like porches, enclosed patios, and sunrooms.

So often they don’t get used to their full potential, maybe it’s been because of the weather, or perhaps the flooring is uncomfortable (think cracking concrete, rocky grass)...

Whatever the case, the good news is that spaces like these don’t have to become a wasteland in your home. They can become usable, easy-on-the-eye, and even add value to your home.

Reuse Your Living Space Again

Not many people know this, but at Chillicothe Carpet we can resurface these spots into whatever color you like (psst–say goodbye to green turf).

We have products great for both the outside that can handle the weather, as well as for your inside rooms that will look like lush carpet but will remain stain resistant and weatherproof.

Plus we can get carpet in any shade with a super plush feel that’ll even make the sun jealous!

And the biggest plus? These materials are some of the most cost-effective products we carry.

Add Value To Your Home (Without Spending a Small Fortune)

So if you’re interested in transforming that space into somewhere you’d actually want to hang out and (gasp!) entertain in, here’s what you should know:

We can do:

  • Porches – Front, back, side; we’re not picky!

  • Enclosed Patios – Bring some inside comfort, outside!

  • Sunrooms – Make the sun jealous of your cozy nook!

  • Exposed Patios – The weather can’t stand against you.

Perfect for:

  • Cracked Concrete

  • Weatherproofing essential (it will get wet and must be able to handle spills).

More than just green:

  • You have the option to update your living space with colors you actually like.

  • Much more than just green, think grey, beige, plush, earth tones, and even colors like blue!

Small Change, Big Impact

Here’s an example of how one simple change can make a huge difference:

Before: Outside patio with cracked and peeling concrete. Not very appealing!

After: Outside patio, exactly the same except it’s been installed with our burgundy colored outdoor flooring. Hello, relax time!

Spaces like these don’t have to become a wasteland in your home.

In fact, they can add considerable value to your property, and our flooring is designed to last up to ten years.

So stop by after work today (or start shopping online here: to look at some options and get ready to enjoy all the nooks of your home and you’ll be on track to being your patios true hero ;)