Thank you for everything you do.

You might think your work goes unnoticed, but that’s far from the truth. You’re (quite literally) the foundation, you're the workhorses of our bodies.

You’re the reason we can do laps of the house picking up after the kids and keeping the house tidy. You’re the reason we can do the juggling from kitchen to laundry, to dropping the kids off, and then on to pounding the office floor.  

You put up with being jammed into high heels and elevated to unnatural heights, to being smothered inside sweaty socks or tight nylon pantyhose!

You work to keep us healthy and moving with your more than 26 bones and hundreds of muscles! From morning till night you work hard to keep up, and you do your job for hours on end without a break.

We see you, hard-working feet, and we thank you. Because we know that behind those hard-working feet is the hard-working mom or dad, keeping it all together, meeting so many demands, and trying to create a good life for their family.

Time to Treat Your Feet Right

Regardless of who you are, we know you do what needs to be done. And, hard-working feet, the truth is—we can’t afford for you to wear out, get tired and ache, or stumble. We know time spent putting you up on the couch while we watch some TV, or get a massage, or taking you to the spa for a treat is rare. But, hard-working feet, you deserve a break, you deserve some comfort underfoot!

It’s your turn to indulge in a little party for your feet and relax! And if you've been powering along the treadmill of life for so long that you don't know where to begin, we have an idea. Simply close your eyes and imagine:

  • The warmth, quality, and elegance of hardwood floors.
  • The plush softness of carpet between your toes.
  • The clean feel and authentic look of laminate (without the price tag).
  • The durable feeling of vinyl—no matter the amount of foot traffic.
  • The zero concern you have when the kids have a spill on your waterproof flooring.
  • The cool, beautiful look and feel of tiles that add an unmatched character to any room.
  • A thick-cut rug that you’d happily play on with the kids for hours on end (and that looks the part).

Hard working feet, thank you for all you do. Don't be afraid to give a little bit to yourself. And what better time to treat, not just your feet, but your entire household, with the kind of flooring that makes home feel like home for the holidays (and for years to come)?