Flooring is one of the most important elements in any home.

But it’s not just the final product that matters; there are so many other elements that you must consider as well. And as with any job done well, preparation is everything.

Just focussing on what kind of flooring you want without thinking about the before and after elements is kind of like having a child with zero thought put into what clothes, diapers, crib and other preparations you need to do before they arrive (not to mention the years ahead of raising and supporting them!).

Many beautiful spaces exist, yet they don’t function properly, simply because the preparation work wasn’t given much thought.

We make no apologies for the pride we take in carpet and flooring.

And part of that pride is making sure you are fully prepared and informed about what’s involved before you get to the exciting part of actually seeing the finished product (which is so satisfying!), as well as get support in the years to come should you need it.

So here are seven real benefits of working with Chillicothe Carpet that you might not know about that we believe will stand you in good stead to make the best flooring decision possible for your budget:

1. We can do all of the heavy lifting.

Just thinking about putting down new flooring can seem overwhelming when you stand there and look around your home at all the heavy (and not so heavy) items that need moving to make it happen! In our opinion, you have enough to think about without the added stress (both physical and mental) of moving furniture out of the way. We can take care of that for you.

What you should know:

  • we ask that you move the delicate items yourself (because we don’t want to break your family heirlooms!)
  • we can take care of moving the rest (except moving fish, sorry Nemo!)
  • like most flooring stores, we charge a small fee for this, but we really think it’s worth it to take the hassle out of reinvigorating your space.

2. Your old flooring can be removed by our professional installers.

Removing old flooring can be hard work in itself. Usually a very dirty and dusty job, old carpet and underlay need to be ripped up and any old nails and staples removed before the new flooring can go down. Then everything must be bagged into several bin bags for disposal with numerous trips to the tip, leaving you with a very messy car!

Save yourself the hassle and the mess. Like almost all flooring stores, we charge a small fee for this.

3. We’ve offered free measurements forever, and have no plans of ever changing that!

Purchasing new flooring for your home is always exciting, but it can be a big expense. With more than 25 years experience we are professionals at accurate measurement to make sure you don’t end up paying for more carpet or flooring than you need. In our opinion, you should never be charge for this kind of service. We offer free in-home estimates at Chillicothe Carpet.

4. We offer pet-proof and kid-proof flooring – for real.

Yes, we do. For those of you with ‘dog-children,’ your furry friends will undoubtedly cause more wear and tear (scratches, stains, dirt) over time. And if you are a parent, you know how rough children can be on floors (think: spills, accidents, and constant foot traffic).

Every style of flooring has their own version of “pet-proof” and “kid-proof” from carpet to hard surface. We carry a huge array of these dog-friendly flooring options.

5. Finance your flooring with us.

At Chillicothe Carpet we can provide 12 months of 0% interest financing through Synchrony. We are here to help you make your new flooring dream a reality without the financial pressure of doing so.

6. Many of our products come with hefty guarantees.

You shouldn’t have to bear the risk of investing in flooring, which is often a considerable investment! Each product we stock offers guarantees from 10 years to lifetime, including stains caused by pets. Just ask us about what guarantee your ideal flooring offers!

7. We have over 25 years of experience in the business.

We are not flooring “sales people”, we are flooring professionals. We’d be happy to help assist you in choosing the right flooring for your budget. Whether it’s a spare bedroom or family-centered living room, our 30 years of experience helps us make the best choice for you, every time.


It would be so easy, in an industry like carpet and flooring, to reduce it to a simple financial transaction. And sure, we sometimes get some strange looks when we get excited talking about flooring options (c’mon, each to his own, right?!).

But we believe as the customer you should receive the best customer service possible (we swear some folks in business have forgotten that without customers you don’t have a business!). And that you should be supported not just in picking out a flooring that’s perfect for you and your home, but that you know what preparation must be done ahead of time as well as being able to rest easy knowing your decision will be a good one for the decades to come.

Stop by after work today and start shopping online here: www.chillicothecarpet.com.