When your life feels chaotic, filled with a long “to do” list, errands to run, work deadlines to fulfill, and too many smartphone notifications—arriving home should feel like a sanctuary that invites you to plonk down, curl up, and zone out.

While choosing the right flooring for your home should take into account practicalities (like waterproof flooring if you have kids or fur babies), it can be easy to forget how important the comfort factor is. Here’s what you should know when it comes to choosing floors that will create a more zen-like atmosphere—no matter what’s been happening in your day:

1. Warmth Meets Softness: Hardwood + Area Rugs

Combining inviting hardwood floors with soft area rugs is a great way to create a luxurious softness underfoot in any location of the house. Layering soft textures with the warmth of wood is a great way to create a space that looks and feels softer, calmer and more relaxing. Plus, hardwood floors and soft area rugs can tie in furniture to help create a tranquil focal point and unity.

2. Carpet—the Ultimate In Relaxation

You simply can’t beat the plushness of carpet for being easy on the eyes and kind to your hard-working feet. Not only is carpet comfortable because of the way it’s designed to feel, but its ability to insulate noise, regulate temperature, and improve air quality is also a sure-fire way to increase the relaxation of your space.

3. Transform Awkward Indoor Spaces

Whether you want to relax over a warm tea with friends or simply with a good book on your own, flooring can transform awkward, unused indoor spaces into a cozy reading nook or the perfect spot for a day bed. Inject an extra dose of warmth and comfort with solutions like a modern floor rug or flooring that looks like real wood.

4. Create An Outdoor Living Room

We’ve all got those outdoor spaces that don’t get used to their full potential like porches and patios—these living space wastelands are prime candidates to become a mecca of tranquility. By simply resurfacing these areas (you can even get a lush carpet that can handle the weather) you suddenly have a spot to watch the world go by or to enjoy that glass of chilled wine.

Life is busier than ever before but, fortunately, there are affordable and easy ways to create extra spaces, nooks, corners, and retreats within and outside of our houses that truly invite us to escape from the stresses of work and family life. Be sure to drop into by the store after work and take advantage of our Summer Clearance Sale to make your tranquil flooring dreams a reality.